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Chef Profile - Executive Chef - Arwel Jones

Arwel JonesWelsh born executive chef Arwel Jones embraces his motherland; always paying homage to Welsh tradition, simplicity and local, seasonal produce.

Born in Bontnewydd, Caernarfon, Arwel’s family expected him to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a welder. However, his passion for food and cooking which stemmed from a young age, lead him to rebel and follow his dream.

Whilst at college, Arwell began an apprenticeship at The Imperial, working at weekends and gaining the experience that would one day land him the role of Executive Chef at the very same hotel, something that the 17 year old Arwel could only have dreamed of.

During his college years, he enjoyed a Moroccan adventure, spending six months travelling, learning and gaining experience in hotels all around Morocco. This exploration of exotic flavours, culture and skill stays with him but in the kitchen today he sticks by his true love for traditional food and believes that simplicity is unbeatable. A belief he shares with Head Chef, Joanne Williams whom he works alongside to create their award winning menu.

Despite venturing to other restaurants in the past, Arwel has always returned to The Imperial and now as executive chef, he is content being in the place where it all began.

When asked about Llandudno and what it is that he likes most about the area, Arwel expresses a love of the openness, fresh mountain air and the closeness to the sea; the perfect mix and something he has always known and loved. He enjoys cycling and mountain biking and says that he would “go bonkers in a city!”

There is no wonder why the Chantrey’s Restaurant is award winning; with Arwel’s passion for local seasonal produce and preference for classic Welsh dishes he firmly believes that it is simplicity that his guests love and traditional delicious food, cooked well.

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