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Luxury Facials

Eve Taylor Skin Care

Eve Taylor Express Facial
30 minutes (£25.00)

Lets introduce you to Eve Taylor facial with a mini facial.

Ideal for clients who don't have the time to experience a full facial.

Basic cleanse, exfoliate, masque, hand massage (optional), tone, moisturise, eye gel.

Eve Taylor Signature Facial 
1 hour (£37.50)

Relax and unwind and treat your skin. A double deep cleanse, exfoliation.

Enjoy an indulgent facial massage and a luxurious mask, followed by a recommended moisturiser.

Eve Taylor Luxury Facial 
1 hour and 15 minutes (£40.00)

The ultimate Eve Taylor experience.

Includes all of the features of the Eve Taylor signature facial as well as featuring specially selected masks. A prescriptive facial tailored to your skin type.

Clarify masque - ideal for oily and congested skin

Bio masque - ideal for sensitive and dry skins

Cryogenic masque - ideal for mature skins

Brightening masque - ideal for pigmented skins

Eve Taylor Eye Treatment 
30 minutes (£25.00)

The feeling of puffiness and appearance of dark shadows are reduced with a relaxing eye massage. Followed with a marine collagen mask to soothe, firm and revitalise the eyes.

Why Not Add A Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage?

To release the tension and relax even before the facial start please add an extra 15 minutes to your facial (additional charge of £10.00).

To book, contact our therapist directly on 01492 877466 and ask for extension 616. Alternatively, send an email to .

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