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The Skinbase microdermabrasion is a safe, controlled treatment that intensely exfoliates and resurfaces the skin, visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles, helping to reduce Scaring, Acne Scaring, Pigmentation, Blemishes, Cellulite and stretch marks.

A wand delivering a fine jet of abrasive crystals will be passed over the skin. Dead skin particles will be abraded away and a vacuum action will remove the debris. This dual action will both resurface the skin and stimulate the blood flow, encouraging the skin to rejuvenate itself and produce collagen and elastin. After passing across the skin area once, the therapist will then target problem areas like open pores, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and acne scarring.

Microdermabrasion is a comfortable, non surgical treatment, which uses a gentle yet effective abrasion on the skin. This results in a much brighter, firmer, more youthful looking skin.

Deluxe treatment with microdermabrasion 1 hour (£40.00).   

Buy five 30 minute treatments and get the sixth 30 minute treatment free (£175).

To book, contact our therapist directly on 01492 877466 and ask for extension 616. Alternatively, send an email to .

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