Dining : Local Welsh Produce

Local Welsh Produce: Our Food Policy

We take pride in the fact that we use local, seasonal and market fresh produce. Welsh food, from unique cheeses and wines, Welsh lamb and beef to fresh fish and seafood, has a long-established reputation for distinctiveness, quality and taste. Our famous Welsh lamb and beef have a unique heritage, character and reputation which have been recognised by the European Commission (EC) awarding them the coveted status of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), which puts them on a par with other excellent regional European products like Parma Ham from Italy.

All dishes are cooked to order. We cook our food traditionally and our vegetables are lightly steamed to retain crispness, freshness, flavour and colour. For this reason we trust that you will appreciate the time involved in preparing your meal.

Should you have any particular favourite dishes or special dietary requirements, please speak to our Restaurant Manager, who, with our Chefs, will endeavour to arrange your meal accordingly. The Imperial has implemented a food policy to ensure that all meats supplied to the hotel have full traceability and have the highest ethical criteria with regard to feed and rearing.

All eggs, chickens and turkey used are free range and pork is farm assured. Where possible we use organic produce. Our menus are compiled with assurances from our suppliers that all products are free of GM soya and maize products. We are also a staunch supporter of Fairtrade coffee.