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We're delighted to have won the Gold* Award in the Llandudno in Bloom competition.

Discover Wales with the Wales Way, three new national touring routes that take you on an epic adventure across the ancient landscapes of the country.

Seen as an aid to navigating the sea for maritime pilots, the history of lighthouses goes further back than you may think.  In fact the first lighthouse was built in the harbour of Piraeus, Athens in the 5th Century BC!  And although the lighthouses in North Wales are a more recent addition, they are still steeped in history and interesting facts, with many continuing to aid vital sea navigation:

What3words is a geocoding system for the communication of locations.  It has been described as the best navigation idea as it is in essence a mapping tool which pinpoints any location in the world in just three words.

There is nothing more quintessential for a traditional seaside holiday than choosing a destination that boasts a pier, and at Llandudno we’re fortunate to have not only the longest pier in Wales but also one of the UK’s finest.

Spring heralds the start of the longer days as well as new beginnings.  Lambs frolicking in fields of daffodils are a common sight throughout the country but in Llandudno there are other seasonal sights to be spotted which are best viewed on foot.  So if you’re in the popular seaside resort at Easter, find the time to enjoy the extra hours of daylight with these stunning walks from the front door of The award winning Imperial Hotel.

International art and award-winning architecture come together in the foremost contemporary art gallery in Wales, Oriel MOSTYN, which is just a short walk from the hotel.  They've just opened a new show which will run until 1 July.

With Easter just around the corner, we’ve packed this article with the many wonderful and fun activities you can do in North Wales over the long four day weekend.

Ever wondered why you sleep better at the seaside or why a short break to the coast makes you feel as relaxed and refreshed as if you’ve had a two week holiday?  Well the answer lies in both the sea air and the sea water...

If you're looking for a Christmassy event to get you into the Festive spirit in 2017 then these can’t fail to have you saying Ho, Ho, Ho as you dash merrily into the Festive season.