Oriel Mostyn Gallery’s current exhibitions

by | Jan 16, 2019 | News

Oriel MOSTYN gallery’s current exhibitions (which run until 3 March) present work by Josephine Meckseper and Louisa Gagliardi.

Mostyn MeckseperGerman born and New York based artist Josephine Meckseper is one of the foremost female artists of her generation working today. Here she combines modernism with commercial display, adding her own images, sculptures and film footage.




Mostyn GagliardiSwiss artist Louisa Gagliardi’s exhibition (Under the Weather) places a spotlight on the urban environment and the countryside and the conflict that can arise between the two. Gagliardi’s work looks at our society in a digital age, while also exploring the history of painting. Although the pieces shown appear to be painted, they are in fact digitally printed.


Children’s Art Explorer sheets are available for younger visitors.

There are a number of associated events throughout the season – check the MOSTYN website for details at www.mostyn.org.

The gallery also has a shop with a wide range of hand-made items from local, national and international applied artists and makers.

Mostyn Gallery, 12 Vaughan St Llandudno LL30 1AB, Tel 01492 879201