Rock Climbing & Abseiling

With the beautiful Snowdonia Mountain Range right on our doorstep, it is naturally a haven for rock climbers who want to scale the mountains and natural rock formations as well as the abseilers who want to descend the craggy peaks.

Rock Climbing

If you’ve never climbed before, we recommend Snowdonia Adventure Activities who will teach you all you need to know, starting with bouldering to perfect your rock climbing technique before commencing climbing the 80-foot faces of solid rock!

Rock climbing is suitable for children from the age of 4 and no experience is needed.


Snowdonia Adventure Activities can run abseiling in combination with its rock climbing or as a stand-alone activity so if you only want to descend 100ft down a cliff face you can!  The minimum age is 4 years and abseiling is well within everyone’s ability.