How To Be A Green Traveller This Summer

Today, we are all trying to find ways to live a greener lifestyle, so finding ways of becoming a green traveller is a great contribution to your next getaway. Whether you’re choosing family breaks in Llandudno or travelling solo, there are ways every traveller can implement green practices into their trip. 

What Is A Green Traveller?

A green traveller is an individual who wishes to carry responsible and environmentally friendly travel practices into their trips. They take into account the environmental, social and economic impacts in an attempt to meet sustainability practices. 

Choose Green Accommodation 

There are a range of accommodation types that are now labelled as green. These often use renewable energy, use energy efficient appliances, implement recycling where possible and more! Most green hotels will label this on their website, often being awarded for their contribution on being green. 

Travel Slow

If you can, ditch the car and travel by train, bike or walk to your destination. This will reduce your carbon footprint and cut down your environmental impact when travelling. If you need to travel long distances, opt for a train ride. This way, you get to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery North Wales has to offer. 

If you are hiring a car for your trip, try and see if they provide any Green Cars, or electric cars, which are considerably better than driving in a petrol or diesel vehicle. 

Eat Locally Sourced Food

Choosing places to eat that use local produce can also cut your carbon footprint. Shopping small businesses is also a great option when shopping in the local areas. If you are buying food, try to find farmers markets to grab locally grown ingredients. We also have a dining area called Chantrey’s Restaurant, where you will find an array of locally sourced produce turned into delicious meals. 

Choose Local Activities

To avoid travelling far when finding activities to get involved in during your trip, choose local activities! Staying in Llandudno, there are plenty of local activities and adventures to get involved in, so there is no need to travel far. From visiting the local beaches, exploring the natural beauty of the Great Orme and taking a trip to Llandudno Pier, there are plenty of local adventures to explore. 

Pack Smart 

When travelling, you may want to visit the local shops. To avoid buying a single-use plastic bag, bring along your own reusable bag with you. Other ways you can pack smart are by bringing your own toiletries with you, preferably travel sized for short trips. This will avoid you having to buy plastic bottles of shower products when you arrive at your accommodation.  

Home From Home

Just like being at home, you try to be as energy efficient as possible. This can also be carried when staying at a hotel. Having shorter showers, switching appliances off and not leaving them on standby and always turning off the lights when you are not using. These are small but useful tips to help reduce the amount of energy used whilst travelling. 

Follow Rules 

At any new places you visit, you may not be aware of some of the rules that may be lined out in the area. To be on the safe side, you should ensure that you are respecting the area you are visiting, being cautious of any rules noted in the area. This can include following the rules if they are noted on the site, and the avoidance of touching any monuments, statues or buildings that may be fragile. 

Other ways you can be a green traveller include:

  • Returning maps or brochures that you know you’ll end up throwing away at the end of your holiday. These can be used by visitors in the future
  • Avoid going up close to wildlife in their natural habitat
  • Bring a rubbish bag if spending the day outdoors. There may not be a rubbish bin close by!

Finally, enjoy your trip and let’s become greener travellers to support the future of our planet. Happy green travelling!