Go Below

Go Below takes you through an underground adventure that will see you zip-lining through caverns, climbing a vertical shaft, boating across a lake, traversing over an abyss, scaling a waterfall and abseiling your way down to the deepest point in the UK. This is pure adrenalin pumping fun!

There are three adventures to choose from – Go Below Challenge, Go Below Extreme and Ultimate Extreme.

Go Below Challenge is described as a medium challenge for people aged over 10 and includes 1 abseil, 1 zip line, 3-4 traverses, 1 ladder and a boat section.

Go Below Extreme is described as tough and is for people aged over 18 and lasts all day. This has 1-3 abseils and zip lines, 8 traverses, 1 ladder and 2 bridges.

Ultimate Experience is again described as difficult and is for people aged over 18 and includes 1-3 abseils, 7-9 zip lines, 14 traverses, 2 ladders, 3 bridges, a Goliath zip and a freefall jump. This is a full-day experience.

Harness, helmet, lamp, Wellington boots and safety equipment are all provided.

Please visit Go Below’s website for more information or to book your tickets.

Go Below is only 20.7 miles (approx 35 minute drive) from the hotel. 

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