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Tree Top Adventures at Betws-y-Coed has undergone a massive transformation as it has come under the Zip World brand of attractions and been rebranded Zip World Fforest with a new attraction Treetop Nets added to the adventure playground site.

Two of our receptionists, Jamie and Claire were invited to try out the new adventure so they are in a prime position to tell our guests all about it.  Here’s the account of their visit:

blog Tree Top Nets 2Our trip was on the first day of opening so we didn’t have many preconceptions of what to expect apart from knowing there were trampolines set up high in the trees.  We all convened for an introductory talk more about the attraction rather than health and safety as all the walkways and nets are surrounded by 3m high walls of netting so there’s no need to wear a harness as you’re always safe.  The key thing though is to make sure you don’t have any loose items ie a phone in a pocket as that will very easily and very quickly fall out!

The attraction starts at a wooden hut from where you step onto the first trampoline made of bungee cord which creates a perfectly safe three-layer net even though Claire thought it was daunting at first as you can peer through to the ground below, but as you soon as you step on it your bouncing fun begins!

There are three different bounce zones of different sizes giving a total of 1500m² of giant trampolines.  There’s also walkways that take you from one zone to another through connecting tree houses as well as slides and tunnels all made from netting which are suspended between the trees up to 18m off the ground.  It also has the longest net walkway in Europe, winding through 250m of woodland.

Claire summed up it nicely by saying that it’s like a number of bouncy castles set in the trees in which you can run, bounce and leap.  You can jump quite high especially when there are quite a few people on each trampoline but when one falls it’s a bit like a domino effect as everyone else suddenly seems to!  There is always someone on hand in each zone to ensure the trampolines don’t get too full and doing any form of acrobatics is strictly forbidden.blog Tree Top Nets 3

Claire and Jamie scored it a massive 10+ with a strong recommendation to our guests especially those with children, and at £20 each for well over an hour of fun and laughter they thought it was good value.

Zip World Fforest is only 18.6 miles (approx. 30 minute drive) from The Imperial Hotel and you can easily make a day of it as there are other attractions beside Treetop Nets to enjoy while you’re on holiday.  There’s Zip World Safari which is a journey 5.5m high through the trees on 23 zip lines and six other rope course challenges; the Powerfan which is an exhilarating and heart stopping parachute simulator which sees you drop over 30m high from the trees, and the Sky Ride, Europe’s highest and first 5 seater Giant Swing which hoists you over 24m high into the air and then releases you to swing out over the magnificent Conwy Valley.