What3words can make a difference

by | May 31, 2018 | News

What3words is a geocoding system for the communication of locations.  It has been described as the best navigation idea as it is in essence a mapping tool which pinpoints any location in the world in just three words.

Yes, the whole world.  How?  By dividing it into grids of 3m x 3m squares and giving each a unique 3 word address offering the accuracy of GPS co-ordinates in a human-friendly and easy-to-communicate format.  For example our front door is at mega.treble.guests while our car park is aliens.friend.exit. 

There’s also a built-in error prevention to make sure users have entered the correct address, as well as the country flag for where that or similar addresses are located, for example:

Mega.treble.guests – Llandudno
Mega.treble.goes – Bien Hoa in China
Mega.treble.gums – Alaska

So if you’ve ever attended an outdoor event and tried to arrange to meet up with some friends then you’ll know how hard it is to be specific with your location, but by using what3words you’ll get 100% accurately to a specific front door or even a park bench. 

The system is now being used by Mercedes-Benz for its in-car voice navigation system; Land Rover for off-road driving; Red Cross for Disaster Relief; United Nations for disaster and humanitarian reporting app and Farnborough International Airshow, and we have used where possible what3words addresses for activities and attractions.

Look out for the what3words 30 x 30 symbol on our website and let us help you get to where you want, whether it be by taxi, bicycle, foot or by car, the easy way.

The what3words app is free to download and it can be used in conjunction with Google Maps and Apple Maps to get directions.

Visit the what3words website for more details.