As more and more people are tracking their daily steps aiming to match or surpass the recommended 10,000 steps a day, how many of us actually know how many steps we’ve taken or how far we’ve walked without having a tracking device like FitbitTM to hand? 

With our step by step guide on the walks in and around Llandudno we’ll help you achieve your daily goal and keep you motivated while you’re holidaying at The Imperial Hotel.

Hotel to Pier

Llandudno boasts a sweeping promenade which is wide and flat so it’s a popular walking spot for our guests.  Walk from the hotel to the end of the Pier and back and you’ll have walked 2.2 miles and done 4,870 steps, 1,866 of those will have been spent walking the longest pier in Wales.

Garden Walks

There is something calming about walking in a garden and in Llandudno you’re spoilt for choice as there’s two CADW listed gardens on the slopes of the Great Orme.  Happy Valley Garden has paths that cross through between the small pools, shrubs, flowers and trees of the more formal gardens which in total will take you up to 3,200 steps walking 1.5 miles. 

Haulfre Gardens has a network of paths that lead from Llandudno’s North Shore into the well paved “invalid walk” public footpath to the West Shore and to the steep zig zag path to the Great Orme summit.  At a mile long, walking this equates to 2,133 steps.

Walk and Tone

While we all know that walking is good for us if you add in an incline you’ll also be giving yourself a cardio workout while helping tone your lower body muscles, so you’ll be pleased to know that right on our doorstep we’ve got two natural gyms – the Great Orme standing at 679 feet above sea level and the Little Orme at 463 feet.

The Great Orme offers a choice of walks up to and also around the summit.  The Historical Trail takes you around many of the 400 known sites of archaeological and historical interest dating back to the Stone Age up until the present time – walk the longest route of 4.2 miles and you’ll have accumulated 8,933 steps while the shortest route at 3.2 miles still comes in at an impressive 6,933 steps.  Take the Nature Trail to spot the Great Orme’s native and rare flora and you’ll have done 8,666 steps over 4 miles or 7,333 steps if you take the shortest trail at 3.5 miles.

The Little Orme is just as impressive and offers plenty of excellent walks, and again is a natural habitat for many wildlife including seals which can be spotted in Angel Bay.  A walk from the hotel to Little Orme’s summit and back is 5.1 miles which is an easy and pleasurable way to amass 9,548 steps.

Step it up

From The Imperial Hotel’s Health and Fitness Centre, Mint Condition to the top of the hotel on the 5th floor is a healthy 108 steps so if a walk up the Great or Little Orme seems a little bit too strenuous for your holiday, simply avoid the hotel’s lift and take to the stairs instead.

After all these steps we think you’ll deserve some relaxation, so don’t forget to pack your swim and gym kit so you can make full use of your complimentary membership of Mint Condition with indoor swimming pool, gym, invigorating spa bath, steam room and sauna during your stay.

Our guide is based on each step being equivalent to 0.75m.